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Day 014 - Crossing the Sunda Sea: A Three Hour Ferry Ride from Sumatera to Java, En Route to Jakarta

Updated: Jul 4

Day 014 (15 Jan 2023) -A 3 hour ferry ride from Sumatera to Java


DAY 014 (15 JAN 2023) – Today’s journey began early, riding for 6 hours from Krui to Bakauheni Ferry Terminal.

Since I was heading to Jakarta, I bought a ticket for Rs 132,850 (RM 38) and boarded the ferry with my bike for a 3 hour journey to Merak Port.

This ferry, which carries both passengers and vehicles, connects the Bakauheni Port in Sumatera to the Merak Port in Java across the Sunda Strait. There are actually 2 types of ferry services provided - the fast trip takes about 1 hour 20 mins, while the regular trip is about 3 hours. I took the second option as it was cheaper and I had more time to rest and enjoy the ride.

At Bakauheni terminal, had a chance to chat and take pictures with some local policemen and military personnel - they were very friendly and helpful.

During the 3 hour ferry ride, I met this wonderful couple, Mr. Dandi and his wife, Vella.

They were kind enough to share their wifi connection with me.

Upon arrival at Merak terminal, they took me to Cilegon for dinner - Took some pictures at what is known as the landmark of Cilegon City.

After dinner, I travelled for another 2 hours (115 km), before reaching my hotel at Jakarta, at about 2 am!. There was no traffic but there were many motorists, lorries and a few cars.



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