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Day 022 - Nature's Blushing Beauty: Exploring the Enchanting Pink Beach and Manta Point

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Day 022 (23 Jan 2023) - Pink Beach & Manta Point, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia


DAY 022 (23 JAN 2023) – From Komodo Island, the boat left for Pink Beach (Pantai Merah), which was 30 minutes away.

The sand looked slightly pink under the sun in contrast to the clear blue water.

Apparently, this is caused by an organism called ‘Foraminifera’, that produces red pigments on the coral reefs, leaving small red particles behind that blend with the white sand. I did see some red corals and some old dried ones on the beach.

This pink tint is visible from the shore, water and viewpoints on the hills. It is one of 7 pink beaches that exists around the world. Most visitors come here for swimming, snorkelling or to enjoy the beach. There are also some kiosks (warung) selling beverages.

The final stop was Manta Point, which was an hour boat ride from Pink Beach – Another place famous for snorkelling, or just swimming and enjoying the beach. Although it is very rare to see the giant Manta Ray, there was one passenger on the boat with me who said he managed to see one while snorkelling.

We finally arrived back at Labuan Bajo by boat by 6 pm.



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