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Day 025 - Connecting with Local Bikers: Memorable Encounters on a Seven(7)-Hour Journey to Larantuka

Updated: May 28, 2023

Day 025 (26 Jan 2023) - Riding seven(7) hours from Kelimutu to Larantuka!


DAY 025 (26 JAN 2023) – From Kelimutu National Park, immediately left for a seven hour journey to Larantuka, which was my last destination at East Nusa Tenggara. On the way to Larantuka, stopped by at a city called Maumere. Met Pak Yoki who is a policeman - visited him at the police station where he was on duty.

Arrived here by night, and had dinner with Mr Ecko Prasatyo, a biker from Larantuka Bikers Club. He helped to book a hotel for me. I also visited the Biker Eco house and met other Indonesian bikers.

As I travelled through various parts of East Nusa Tenggara, I have met new people and made new friends from a network of Indonesian Bikers all around this region. They have all been very welcoming, friendly and helpful.






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