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Day 056 - Farewell and Thank You, Timor-Leste: A Small Nation With A Big Heart

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Day 056 (26 Feb 2023) - Farewell & Thank You, Timor-Leste. A summary of my beautiful experience in Timor-Leste.


DAY 056 (26 FEB 2023) – Reflecting on my experiences in Timor-Leste, I have spent 26 days in this small nation with a big heart! Having visited several beautiful landscapes in Timor-Leste - I must say, this country has the potential to be a great tourist attraction.

Throughout my stay, I have learnt that people here enjoy entertaining guests at their homes and serving delicious meals. Back home, we normally do that with family and friends, but very rarely do people open their homes to strangers!

As I crossed the border from Indonesia to Timor-Leste, I was greeted by Dr Sam, whom I had just met. Then I caught up with Maik, who had visited my home in Malaysia last year. Of course, Boy Sabak who has been with me throughout my journey here - and his family who have been very supportive. How can I forget Mr and Mrs Sarmento who cooked us food and gave us a place to stay when we were stranded in Venilale.

And then there was Mr Alex and Mrs Filomena and their wonderful family. Besides organizing a tree planting activity, I must mention how this lovely couple took care of me like a family member when I was down with fever for a few days. They made sure to prepare light food and made me soak my feet in hot salt water to help bring the fever down.

I extend my gratitude to all for their hospitality, kindness and generosity. I take with me great memories and lifelong friendships!

Thus far, I have covered 5568 km and 3 countries on this world tour. On to my next adventure in Australia!



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