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Day 134 - Buying Strawberries at Takeo: A Story of Trust and Kindness Among Strangers

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Day 134 (15 May 2023) - Omura to Fukuoka, Japan


DAY 134 (15 MAY 2023) – Today is my last day in Japan. I left Omura for a 2 hour journey to Fukuoka, where I will be taking the ferry to Busan, South Korea.

As I approached the Saga Prefecture, I rode through routes where there were beautiful landscapes of wheat fields, on both sides of the road. I stopped by a place called Takeo to enjoy the scenery. A kind lady explained to me in English that besides being a source of food, the wheat were also used to make beer.

I also saw a gentleman selling packets of strawberries in a small stall nearby. He basically setup a self-service stall with what looks like a small post box attached to it, with the words 200 yen written on it.

The strawberries looked fresh, so I decided to get one, but the kind gentleman refused to accept my payment and gave it to me free since I was a traveller!

After he left, I took another packet and put 200 yen in the box as payment. Later, I saw another gentleman get down from his car and put 1000 yen in the box after taking 5 packets. Isn’t it amazing how everything works on a system of trust and discipline!

I finally arrived in Fukuoka. I fuelled up my bike for the last time in Japan. In the evening, I strolled around the streets of Fukuoka and had a wonderful indian meal for dinner at a Nepalese restaurant.



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