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Day 163 - My Last Day in Mongolia: Embracing the Beauty of Altai Mountains and Delicious Kazakh Food

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 163 (13 June 2023) - Khovd to Ulgii, Mongolia


DAY 163 (13 JUNE 2023) – I left Khovd for a 220 km ride to Ulgii, my final destination in Mongolia. This was a smooth journey, without any hiccups.

As I rode my motorbike through the Western Mongolian route, I got to see one of the most stunning mountainous landscapes in Mongolia, the Altai Mountains. This mountain range is the point where Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan converge. It is also the point where many surrounding rivers have their headwaters.

While travelling on this route, it was a usual sight to see wild camels roaming freely in the open landscape.

I also managed to catch a video of a Mongolian wild cat from a distance! (not sure if it was a Pallas cat or a marmot).

On the way to Ulgii, I stopped by the Tolbo Nuur Resort for lunch. It is located near the Tolbo Lake, a high mountain freshwater lake at an elevation of 2.080 m 96,824 ft) above the sea level. This resort is a popular camping spot during summer.

I also met many friendly locals and tourists along the way.

I arrived early at my stay called Bulbul Jamak Travel hostel. It cost MNT 87,400 (RM 114) per night, including breakfast.

There was a ger accommodation as well, however I opted to stay in a single room in the brick hostel instead.

Later, I followed the owner of the hostel to a restaurant to purchase my dinner. For the first time, I had Uzbekistan food and it was good.

From my conversations with the hostel owner, I got to know that 90% of the population in Ulgii are Kazakhstan Muslims, considering this town is closer to the border of the country. The common languages spoken here are Kazakh and Mongol.

I did come across a few mosques catering to the large population here. Olgii is known for its Kazakh culture, mainly Kazakh embroidery and art, music and ancient custom of eagle hunting.



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