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Day 188 - Riding Conversations: Connecting with a Fellow Biker Bound by Passion for Motorbike Riding

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Day 188 (08 July 2023) - Helsinki to Oulu, Finland!


DAY 188 (08 JULY 2023) – I left Helsinki for an 8 hour (595 km) ride to Oulu, a city in central Finland, where the Oulujoki River meets the Bay of Bothnia.

There were a lot of road works on this route and I had to endure heavy rains throughout the journey. I had a good raincoat for cover and there were less vehicles on the road so I reached my hotel safely by 6 pm.

I stayed at the ‘Pohjan Kievari’ Hotel which cost me €99.75 (RM 511.10) per night – inclusive of breakfast! Since there were no other hotels available for the weekend, I had no choice but to put up at this expensive place!

I met a group of 20 bikers from Italy who were staying at the hotel. They were headed to Helsinki. I spent more than an hour chatting with Mr Tony, the group leader. We exchanged stories of our travel experiences as bikers.

Check out the price of petrol in Finland as below :



(Click + to zoom or [ ] to enlarge map for full info)




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