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Day 202 - Witam, Poland: My One Day Trip to the Land of Fields!

Day 202 (22 July 2023) - Wroclaw, Poland!


DAY 202 (22 JULY 2023) – After spending 2 days in Berlin, I headed to my next destination in Europe, Poland. It was a 5 hour journey from Berlin to Wroclaw, crossing the open borders from Germany to Poland.

Poland is called "Polska" in the Polish language. It literally means "The Land of Fields" and it comes from the word "pole", which means "a plain/field/open area".

Poland’s currency is called Polish Zloty (PLN) (RM 1.00 = 0.87 PLN). Due to the exchange rate, the petrol price was cheaper at a rate of 6.74 PLN (RM 7.66) per liter.

There were some road constructions which caused delays, but other than that it was a smooth ride on a double-laned highway. The maximum speed allowed was 140 km per hour.

Along the way, I met some friendly German and Polish bikers. I spoke to them about my trip and objectives.

I also met a gentleman, his wife and 10-year old daughter who were from UK. They were very supportive of my tree-planting initiatives and invited me to their home in London so we exchanged contact details.

I arrived at my stay called ‘Chilli Hostel’ by 3.30 pm, only to realise that I accidently booked my stay for 22nd August instead of 22nd July 2023! Luckily, I could get a refund and managed to book another hostel not far away.

In the evening, I visited the medieval Market Square in Wroclaw, which is one of the largest market squares in Europe.

The Market Square was completely rebuilt from the pile of ruins that was Wroclaw after World War 2. I marveled at the amazing European architecture of the various buildings in the vicinity that were built according to different styles of European Architecture.

At the northwest corner of Wroclaw's Market Square are two medieval buildings connected by an arcade, popularly known as "Hensel and Gretel". The name came about due to the characteristic appearance of the two houses that look like two figures holding hands.

It was interesting to see cute little gnome statues along a nearby street.






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