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Day 214 - A Spanish Journey: A 7-Hour Ride from Barcelona to Madrid, the Capital City of Spain

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Day 214 (03 Aug 2023) - Barcelona to Madrid, Spain


DAY 214 (03 AUG 2023) – In the morning, I left Barcelona for a 7 hour (640 km) journey to Madrid, the capital city of Spain.

It was a smooth journey all the way on a double-laned highway without any toll.

In the evening, after arriving at my hostel, I visited the public square in Madrid, known as Puerta del Sol’ (Gate of the Sun). Located in the heart of Madrid, there is a plaque marking the exact point of Kilometre Zero (KM 0) on the floor of the square, serving as the spot from which all major roads in Spain intersect and are measured. As one of the busiest places in the city, it is bustling with people.

There are so many buildings here with great European architecture. The ‘Real Casa de Correos’ or the house of the post office, is where you’ll find the famous clock whose bells mark the traditional eating of the Twelve Grapes and the beginning of a new year.

On the way back from Sol to my hostel, I lost my wi-fi signal when I travelled through an 8 kilometre long underground tunnel which branched into 4 different roads. Both my Google Maps and Waze just stopped working.

I managed to get help from a fellow biker, who guided me all the way to my hostel. I wanted to treat him to a cup of tea, but he was in a hurry. I didn’t get this gentleman’s name but I am very thankful for his kind help in my hour of need.



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