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Day 222 - Cultural Connection Abroad: Meeting Fellow Tamilians and a Memorable Hindu Temple Visit

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Day 222 (11 Aug 2023) - St. Gallen, Switzerland


DAY 222 (11 AUG 2023) - After a brief tour around the city, I then left Zurich for a 2 hour (120 km) ride to another Swiss city known as St Gallen. I arrived in St Gallen at the home of Mr Ganesh Kumar, who was introduced to me by my biker friend, Dayalan. He has been to Malaysia several times before. I met his wife, family and a few friends.

I also had a pleasant meeting with his friendly neighbours.

Mr Ganesh Kumar (66) is a Sri Lankan Tamil who has been residing in Switzerland for many years. He is well known among the Sri Lankan Tamil community here.

He got in touch with several media reporters and Tamil radio channels, namely :

a. “Paris Radio TRT Tamil Oli”

b. “Radio and Tamil Lucky Guru” Web TV & Youtube Channel based in Coimbatore, TamilNadu, India.

c. Madam Priyamatha from Sri Lanka (also known as Yalpanam).

They interviewed me over the phone where I spoke about my world bike tour, my objectives, and shared my experiences so far. Check out my interview (in Tamil) on this youtube channel below :

In the evening, Mr Ganesh Kumar took me to the Murugan temple at St Margrethen. He is one of the founders of this beautiful temple. After the prayers, I was asked to give a speech to the temple visitors, of which I spoke about global warming, its effects and the importance of saving nature by planting more trees.

After the speech, the temple organiser gifted me a ‘ponnadai’ (golden shawl) as a symbol of respect. I am humbled by the hospitality and kind gesture showered by the temple management.



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