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Day 233 - Detoured by a Letter: When a Single Alphabet Led Me To The Wrong Destination

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Day 233 (22 Aug 2023) - Stranraer, Scotland


DAY 233 (22 AUG 2023) – After having my breakfast at the hostel, I left Glasgow for my next destination, Fort William. Fort William is a town in the Scottish Highlands, famous for its amazing landscape with surrounding green mountains and beautiful lakes.

It was raining the whole day and after a long ride, at about 175 kilometres (109 miles), I began to realise something was amiss about my route. So, I stopped a car to ask for directions. I was surprised to find out I was about 4-5 hours away from my destination, when I should have arrived at that time!

After checking my Google GPS route, I realised I had wrongly programmed “P”ort William instead of “F”ort William. Port William was in the complete opposite direction of Fort William.

Since I was far off my intended destination, I decided to scrap the plan. Besides, my next planned destination was a town called Stranraer, which was just an hour away from where I was, so I headed there instead.

The journey to Stranraer was no less beautiful, surrounded by highlands and green landscapes. I came across many Scottish highland sheeps roaming freely in private gated lands along the road. These breed of sheeps have thick shaggy coats that enable them to survive extremely harsh weather, including cold, snow and thrive in bleak rugged environments.

What a day and what a difference an alphabet makes! Just a mix-up between “F” and “P”. I will be more alert next time!



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