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Day 031 - Discovering the Charms of Dili: Exploring the Capital of Timor-Leste

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 031 (01 Feb 2023) - Dili, Timor-Leste


DAY 031 (01 FEB 2023) - Boy Sabak has been taking me visiting around Dili city, while I run some personal errands. As a former Portuguese colony, I saw many Portuguese influences around the city, particularly in naming of the roads and signboards.

I also saw many colourful mini vans operating as a mode of public transport, since there were no busses or train services provided.

As we travelled on a main road along the coast, you can’t deny the amazing sea view, the cool breeze and the beautiful beaches. Between the beach and the road, there are parks for people to relax and enjoy. The Malaysian embassy is situated somewhere along this busy road.

I also saw several fishermen boats and some locals selling a variety of fresh fish and other seafood. In fact, there are many restaurants and bars near the beach, serving great food and fresh seafood dishes.

One such place is Kwer Sunset Bar and Grill Lounge at Metiaut - known as one of the best spots in Dili Bay to watch the sunset, while enjoying the beach.

I had dinner at this restaurant with Boy Sabak and his friends from the same ‘kampung’, Vera and Vikki. We had a good chat along with some good food. Always nice to meet new people.



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