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Day 034 - My Riding Journey Begins in Timor-Leste: Breathtaking Landscapes in Batugade

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 034 (04 Feb 2023) - Dili to Batugade, Timor-Leste


Day 034 (04 FEB 2023) – Today, I took a motorbike trip to Batugade, a village about 2 hours (120 km) away from Dili.

The Batugade Integrated Border Post is located not far from the village. When I arrived in Timor-Leste a few days ago, I crossed this border post coming from Mota’ain Border Post, Indonesia.

This motorbike trip offered me an amazing sea view from the highlands to the beautiful beaches along the coast - not to mention the cool breeze all the way! Made a point to stop along the road, and enjoy the view while taking some pictures.

Although not a busy route, I had to be extra careful while riding as a couple of times, I came across huge rocks on the road blocking the path! And then there were goats! - I had to give way to the goats crossing the road - a very rare sight indeed!

During this motorbike trip to Batugade and back to Dili, I stopped along the way to interact with some friendly locals. They were excited to take pictures with my motorbike.

I bought some rambutan and dragon fruit – they are as tasty as our versions back home. Two (2) ikat rambutan is priced at USD 2 (RM 8.40), while the dragon fruit is priced at USD 1 (RM4.20).

I came across a tuk-tuk (called auto rickshaw in India).

This battery-operated vehicle is called ‘Bazai’ in Timor-Leste, and is used as public transport in certain municipalities and villages - They have 2 types, a 7 seater (with driver) and 5-seater (with driver).

I also got a glimpse of rural life in Timor-Leste. There were locals selling firewood, which they

typically use for cooking.



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