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Day 037 - The Heartwarming Spirit of Timor-Leste: Kindness and Generosity in Times of Need

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 037 (07 Feb 2023) - Venilale to Baucau, Timor-Leste


DAY 037 (07 FEB 2023) - We stayed overnight at Mr and Mrs Sarmento's home where they provided us a room to stay after me and Boy Sabak were stranded yesterday, with nowhere to go.

Today morning, Mrs Sarmento had prepared breakfast for us. Before leaving, we thanked this wonderful couple for their kindness and generosity. I offered some money but Mrs Sarmento refused to take and I had to convince her to accept.

After going through a rough situation with my motorbike yesterday, we decided it was best to head back to Dili. On the way, we made a stop at Baucau and stayed overnight at Costa Guest House, which is basically a bed-and-breakfast homestay accommodation.

In the evening, as the weather was rainy and the roads were wet, we were stuck in our rooms and could not go out to get food. The homestay management, who understood our predicament prepared dinner for us.

I offered to pay for the meals but the kind lady in charge refused to accept. In fact, they actually took it upon themselves to ensure we were comfortable as guests at their homestay.

I am grateful for the kindness and generosity of the staff at Costa Guest House.



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