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Day 051 - A Team Effort for an Arduous Task: Loading Motorbike into Container for Shipment to Darwin

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 051 (21 Feb 2023) - Dili, Timor-Leste


DAY 051 (21 FEB 2023) – After some delay, finally ‘Parameswara’, my motorbike was loaded into the container today - ready to be shipped to Darwin. It was an arduous task that required a team effort. Boy Sabak and Mr Alex managed to get a small pickup van. They gathered a few young lads to help transport the motorbike onto the van - and later, into the container.

They made sure the motorbike was strapped properly so that it would not fall, before sealing the container. I paid for a shared container since it was a more affordable option - so there were already a few other goods in the same container.

Before the loading, I had sent the motorbike for a few more rounds of washing and cleaning – the tyres, the engine, literally every part of the vehicle! I had to spend about USD 250 just for this since the Australian authorities are very strict with their inspection. They used tooth brush to remove dirt from the tyres and also my shoes – not even a thorn was left on them!

The tyres were neatly wrapped and ‘Parameswara’ was looking as new as it was when I bought it - back in 2017.



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