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Day 067 - Nature's Best: Exploring Casuarina Coastal Reserve and Captivating Sunsets at Sunset Park

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Day 067 (09 Mar 2023) - Darwin, Australia


DAY 067 (09 MAR 2023) – Mr Henk has been taking me around to visit several interesting places in Darwin, on his KTM 200cc motorbike.

He took me to visit the Casuarina Coastal Reserve. It is a large protected coastal area in Darwin’s northern suburbs in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is located between Rapid Creek and Buffalo Creek and is home to various wildlife, marine life and plant species, while also serving as an open park for recreation purposes.

It includes 8 kilometres of sandy beaches fringed by Casuarina trees and sandstone cliffs, shady barbecue and picnic areas, cycle paths, mountain bike tracks. It also comprises mangrove areas, paperback forests and monsoon vine thickets. The fauna found within this reserve includes ospreys, sea eagles, cormorants, gulls, possums, crocodiles and a variety of bird species for bird-watching enthusiasts.

The preservation efforts have been going on for decades and is still maintained till today - what a commendable effort by the authorities in the City of Darwin!

Later, in the evening we headed to Sunset Park, located near the Nightcliff jetty near Casuarina Drive. On the way, we also stopped by the Arafura Stadium just to check it out.

Sunset Park is popular for beach walks, bike riding, fishing, picnics, and of course its namesake, watching the sun set. People can walk along the beautiful coastline and explore the cliffs and rocks on the beach.

I walked along the jetty right to the edge, to enjoy the breeze and the scenery. The ocean was rough as the strong tidy waves were crashing on to the rocky shore. There were a few people fishing on the jetty.

I saw many people relaxing with their families and friends while watching the sunset and enjoying the sea breeze. There were a few food trucks lined at the beach for food and beverages.



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