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Day 084 - Traversing the Outback: A Scenic 7-Hour Ride from Elliott to Alice Springs

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Day 084 (26 Mar 2023) - Elliott to Alice Springs, Australia


DAY 084 (26 MAR 2023) – Left Elliott early in the morning for Alice Springs. Set my bike on auto-cruise for another long stretch on an empty highway. The temperature was soaring at 38 C.

On the way, I stopped by at Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve. There were clusters of huge boulders, formed by millions of years of erosion, all scattered throughout this protected area.

It is amazing to see these huge rocks naturally balancing on top and against one another. There are informative signage depicting the ancient Aboriginal mythology about this place. I also saw unique rock formations on a hill at Barrow Creek, about an hour away.

On the way from Elliott to Alice Springs, I had stopped by a rest area and was fascinated with these giant trucks called road trains. So I parked my BMW R 1200CC GSA right next to one and took a picture!

Road trains are huge trucks with two or more trailers or containers attached, hauled by a prime mover. It is used to transport road freight and goods overland to remote regions. Australia has the most number of road trains and some of the longest road trains in the world.

Arrived at Alice Springs at 6.30 pm after riding for about 7 hours (760 km) - stayed at a hostel called ‘Alice’s Secret Traveller’s Inn’. It cost about AUD 35 (RM 103 per night).



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