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Day 088 - Arriving at Adelaide: The Opal Gem of South Australia

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Day 088 (30 Mar 2023) - Port Augusta to Adelaide, Australia


DAY 088 (30 MAR 2023) – It was a short journey from Port Augusta to Adelaide, about 4 hours. Since I reached Adelaide early, I had time to do some sight seeing.

I got a chance to see the historically unique and rare tide clock at the coastal town of Port Germein. It was used during olden times to indicate the depth of the channels so that the ships that arrived didn’t run aground on the sand.

In the evening, I visited a Hindu temple to seek blessings. Later, I had some rice and curry at Chennai Palace Indian Restaurant. Stayed for a night at the Port Adelaide backpackers hostel, costing about AUD 35.

I stayed at the Port Adelaide Backpackers and had some tasty South Indian food at the Chennai Palace restaurant.

It took me 6 days and about 3000 kms to reach Adelaide from Darwin via Stuart Highway. Thankfully, it was an enjoyable smooth ride - a straight empty highway all the way, passing through various beautiful landscapes.

The highlight was being able to see up close and ride beside the road trains, carrying all types of freight, including cattle!



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