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Day 097 - End Of A Reliable Travel Companion: My First GPS Navigation System Stopped Working

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Day 097 (08 April 2023) - Melbourne, Australia


Day 097 (08 APR 2023) – Ever since I started this trip around the world in January 2023, my GPS system has been the most important and reliable source of direction. Without it, I would be lost!

It’s been 5 years since I got the BMW Navigator 6 Garmin GPS system mounted on my motorbike – and today morning it suddenly stopped working! It must have got faulty due to the rain the past few days (faulty set in picture above).

This particular GPS system has always been very useful, reliable and accurate - especially during my previous solo motorbike tour to 6 countries back in 2018. Luckily it did not malfunction during the recent motorbike trip, otherwise I would have been stuck with the wildlife animals in the Australian outback!

So, I visited the BMW Center in Melbourne and purchased a new GPS set – same brand and model but the latest version. This updated version is a lot easier to use and has many functions – in fact it shows the exact location when keying in the coordinates. The price here was much cheaper than when I bought it in Malaysia back in 2017.

Also made sure to get a motorcycle cover from the Northland shopping complex, to protect the bike from rain.



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