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Day 107 - Embracing the Bustle: Visiting the Busy City of Tokyo for the First Time

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Day 107 (18 Apr 2023) - Narita, Japan


DAY 107 (18 APR 2023) - My motorbike arrived in Japan via air freight yesterday at 4 pm.

In the morning, I walked a distance to the nearest train station from my hostel at Narita, and took a train to Tokyo.

The journey to Tokyo took 1 hour 10 mins at a cost of 1350 Yen (RM 44). The train came right on time and it was crowded with people heading to work. It was an interesting experience considering Japan has an efficient public transportation network characterized by its punctuality, great service and the fact that it’s always crowded.

I arrived at Daimon Station, Tokyo and headed to the JAF (Japan Automobile Federation) building, since I was required to get JAF approval before I can ride in Japan. An officer I spoke to yesterday gave me very detailed map routes, so it wasn’t difficult to find the JAF office.

I collected 2 approval letters, then I met my forwarding agent, and got my Carnet approved. I then headed to Narita Airport warehouse to see my motorbike. However, I have a few more formalities to be done with before I can collect the motorbike.



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