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Day 116 - Venturing to Japan's Northernmost Point: Discovering Cape Noshappu and Cape Soya

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Day 116 (27 Apr 2023) - Wakkanai, Japan


DAY 116 (27 APR 2023) – Today morning I visited Cape Noshappu, at Wakkanai. My hostel mate, Mr Hiroshi joined me on this trip on his Honda motorcycle.

We communicated well with each other despite the language barriers – of course, with the help of Google translator! He was headed to Sapporo, where I had travelled from yesterday.

The scenery was beautiful – the waves were rough and the wind was icy cold! I could see the light house which was painted in red and white but it was not accessible. There were a few people fishing but most were just sitting and enjoying the beautiful sea view. The Noshappu Aquarium is nearby along with a children’s museum, a restaurant and a few stores.

From Cape Noshappu, I left for Cape Soya, about 40 mins away. Cape Soya is the northernmost point of Hokkaido island and Japan itself.

Just like Cape Noshappu, this place is a popular stopping point for bikers and tourists. There are a few monuments, souvenir shops, restaurants, a windmill and lighthouse. Weather permitting, from this point you could see Sakhalin, a Russian island which was once part of Japan.



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