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Day 127 - Savoring Flavors Abroad: Indulging in a Hearty Indian Meal in Fukuoka

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Day 127 (08 May 2023) - Oita to Fukuoka, Japan


DAY 127 (08 MAY 2023) – Stayed overnight at Oita City and left for a 2 hour ride back to Fukuoka. I spent the last 5 days on a bike trip to to various destinations within the Kyushu Island, and made a round trip back to Fukuoka.

A few days ago, I booked my ferry ticket online, with the help of a friend. I will be leaving for Busan, South Korea sometime next week, departing from Hakata International Port Terminal.

Today, I went to the office at the ferry terminal to discuss matters regarding the transportation of my bike. Apparently, I needed to book one week in advanced, so they had rejected my application. After much discussion, they told me they will get back to me tomorrow. Hoping all goes well.

In the evening, while exploring the city, I found an Indian restaurant called ‘Nanak’. I had a small bowl of rice with chicken curry, 'appalam/pappadom’ (indian cracker), ‘naan’ bread and a piece of fried chicken for dinner.

It was delicious – nothing like having a hearty Indian meal!

Later, I had a friendly chat with the owners of the restaurant, a Punjabi gentleman and his Japanese business partner.



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