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Day 129 - A Visit to the BMW Service Centre: Sending My BMW Motorbike for Servicing and Maintenance

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Day 129 (10 May 2023) - Fukuoka, Japan


DAY 129 (10 MAY 2023) – Upon receiving email response, I went to the Hakata Port International Terminal to re-schedule my ferry booking from 11th May 2023 to 16th May 2023, giving the authorities time to process my motorcycle shipment.

I submitted a copy of my Carnet, motorcycle documents, passport and international driving license to the Japanese and Korean custom officers for processing. The Korean officers requested an additional document - a front and back copy of my Malaysian driving license. They needed to verify that I had a class B license to ride a motorcycle at a capacity of more than 500 cc (my bike is 1200 cc).

I sent all documents via email and made a payment of KRW 649, 320 (Korean Won) (RM 2177) as ferry passenger fee. The motorcycle transport fee is a different price and will be calculated once motorcycle shipping has been arranged.

Later, I went to Fukuoka BMW Motorrad service centre known as ‘Freeman’ to get my motorbike serviced. They rectified several issues - replaced my rear brake pad at a cost of 12,300 yen (RM 406) and rectified the motorbike stand wiring issue.

After fixing these issue, the motorbike could start but the engine stopped as I applied the gear. Luckily, this happened at the BMW service centre! Apparently, the motorbike stand sensor cable was broken. They rectified it at a cost of 2000 yen (RM 66). My motorbike, ‘Parameswara’ is all ready for my next ride!



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