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Day 133 - Nurturing Nature: We Planted a 'Sakura' Tree in Japan

Updated: Feb 7

Day 133 (14 May 2023) - Omura, Japan


DAY 133 (14 MAY 2023) – Arrived at Omura yesterday, and checked in to the Hotel Village BFH guesthouse. I had a friendly chat with the person-in-charge of the place, both Madam Kumiko Maeda and Mr Vinaya.

Mr Vinaya is from Nepal and he has been working in Japan for more than 20 years now. He lives in Japan with his wife Ganga, his son Antin and he is expecting his second child soon. I mooted the idea for a tree planting activity and he was very supportive. He took to me by car to purchase a Sakura tree, which cost 700 yen.

We planted the tree at the home of Madam Kumiko Maeda at a place called Miyadaimachi in Omura. Her home is surrounded by thick forest and so much greenery! It will take 5 years for the tree to grow and red flowers to bloom. Besides Binaya, Madam Kumiko and myself, we were joined by Binaya’s wife Ganga, his son, Antin and Miss Nozomi Shimoyama. We held our respective national flags, namely the Nepal, Japan and Malaysian flag.

In a short span of time, we all came together as different nationalities from different countries to plant a tree in the name of solidarity, and to raise awareness on the effects of global warming and importance of saving nature! I would like to thank everyone who participated in this effort.



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