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Day 142 - Crossing Borders: Boarding ferry from Donghae, South Korea to Vladivostok, Russia

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 142 (23 May 2023) - Donghae Ferry Terminal, South Korea to Vladivostok, Russia


DAY 142 (23 MAY 2023) – In the morning, I checked out of my hotel and headed straight to the Donghae Ferry Terminal.

As per standard procedure on this ferry, I had to remove almost all of my belongings except for some motorbike related tools, from the pannier boxes on the motorbike. I transferred them into a new bag I purchased at the port. Later, I ended up carrying 4 heavy bags onto the ferry!

The motorbike was successfully loaded on to the ferry and strapped properly. The ferry finally left South Korea at about 3pm. This was my 7th ferry ride on this journey thus far, and it was a pleasant experience. I certainly had a good sleep!

I stayed in a shared cabin, with individual beds and a clean common bathroom. However, since it was a 2nd class ticket, it didn’t come with a shower facility – which was fine for a 24 hour journey!

The weather was also cold at a temperature of 9.3 C. The facilities were much better than certain ferry rides I’ve been on thus far.

Buffet style food was served on board but we had to pay for all 3 meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The price was reasonable though and the food was good.

There were at least 300 passengers on board the ship, and most of them were Koreans or Russians. I made some friends and shared my bike tour experiences with them.



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