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Day 185 - Crossing Borders: Hei, Finland, Embarking on the European Leg of My World Motorbike Tour

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Day 185 (05 July 2023) - St Petersburg, Russia to Torfyanovka, Russia to Helsinki, Finland


DAY 185 (05 JULY 2023) – After spending 35 days in Russia, I finally left for my next destination, Finland. Finland is the first European Country of visit as I embark on the European Leg of My World Motorbike Tour.

Before exiting the Russian border at Torfyanovka, I managed to exchange currency at a nearby petrol station. The currency used in Finland is Euros (currently 1 euro = RM5.05, and 1 euro = R98).

I got through the Finland side of the border at Vaalimaa without any hassle. I managed to get my Green Card Insurance Policy at the customs office at the Finland border itself. I was surprised that the cost for the green card came to €455 (RM 2,300)! I also managed to purchase a SIM Card at a cost of €4.90 (RM 25) for 1 month unlimited.

It was a doubled laned highway without any toll, all the way to Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. After a 3 hour ride, I finally reached my hostel called the ‘Cheap Sleep Hostel’. My friend Shawn in Helsinki helped to book the hostel since I was having issues with online booking while I was in Russia. I stayed here for 2 nights at the price of €21 (RM 107.60) per night.

Later, I had some tasty Indian food for dinner at Ravintola Tandoori Flames.



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