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Day 190 - Land of Fjords & Northern Lights: Exploring Stunning Landscapes on A Ride to Henningsvaer

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Day 190 (10 July 2023) - Kiruna, Sweden to Henningsvaer, Norway


DAY 190 (10 JULY 2023) – I had planned to cover Norway first before travelling through Sweden. So in the morning, I left Kiruna, Sweden for a 7 hour journey to Henningsvaer, Norway. I freely crossed the Sweden-Norway border at Bjornfjell, since there was no immigration and customs checking.

The roads were good, although they were mostly single lane and smaller compared to other countries. The minimum speed limit at most places was between 50-70 km per hour while the maximum speed limit was 100 km per hour. I passed through many tunnels, including one that was 10 kilometres long.

Considering its geographical location, Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! I rode my motorbike through scenic mountainous routes, surrounded by jagged green mountains and beautiful lakes.

At a particular point along the route, there was a huge beautiful lake with crystal clear waters, you could see the rocks at the edge of the lake and the reflection of the mountains on the still, calm waters.

There were also many wooden houses surrounded by jagged mountains and so much greenery. The higher mountain ranges had snow remnants from last winter’s snowfall.

I came across another clear lake with still calm waters displaying the reflection of the surrounding mountains and wooden houses.

After a pleasant 7 hour journey, I arrived safely at my hotel at Henningsvaer, a beautiful fishing village located on several small islands in the Lofoten Archipelago, all well connected with bridges.



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