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Day 218 - An Evening in Paris: Exploring the Enchanting City of Lights with My Friend, Mr Jean Modot

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Day 218 (07 Aug 2023) - Poitiers, France to Paris, France


DAY 218 (07 AUG 2023) – In the morning, I left Poitiers for a 5 hour journey to Paris, the capital city of France. I arrived by 3 pm at Mr Jean Modot’s home.

I met Mr Jean (77) about a year ago in Subang Jaya, Malaysia at a dinner together with several friends - electrical engineers, Ir. Reddy, Ir. Raj and Mr Ravi. He invited me to stay at his house in Paris, so we kept in touch and here I am now at his beautiful apartment! He also arranged for a parking space for my motorbike.

Later, we took the train to the city and spent the evening in Paris, exploring the city, and visiting iconic places.

The city is bustling with activity and the streets were crowded with people, particularly tourists. I was mesmerised by the architecture of the historical buildings in the city. Many of these buildings have 19th century Haussmann architecture that gives the city its charm and appeal.

Since the 17th century, Paris has been one of the world’s major centres of finance, commerce, culture, fashion, gastronomy, arts and science. It is also known as the ‘City of Light’ due to its extensive system of street lighting which has existed since the 19th century.

I got a chance to visit the famous Eiffel Tower, and the ‘Triumphal Arch of the Star’. Built in the 19th century, the Eiffel Tower was initially built as an entrance gateway to the International Exposition of 1889. It impressed the world with its stature and design, and eventually became a symbol of the city, country and a testament to French industrial ingenuity.

The ‘Triumphal Arch of the Star’ is a 19th century monument that was built as a symbol of French patriotism, serving as a reminder of their military victories and in memory if those who fought and died for France.

I also got to see the elegant 18th century Elysee Palace. This historical building with beautiful architecture, is the official residence of the President of the French Republic. This explains the huge security presence around the building.

We stopped at a restaurant to have some delicious ‘crepe’, a very thin type of pancake that is served with a variety of fillings, such as cheese, fruit, vegetables, meats and different spreads. For a change, we decided to take a bus instead of the train back home.



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