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Day 219 - Paris Unveiled: Exploring the City's Most Iconic Sites

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Day 219 (08 Aug 2023) - Paris, France


DAY 219 (08 AUG 2023) – After having breakfast at Mr Jean’s home, we went to the city council office to propose a tree-planting activity in Paris. The officer told us to send an email and they would contact us in a few days. Unfortunately, we had to give up the plan due to time constraints.

Later, we explored more of the city and visited several other iconic landmarks. The Batobus is a boat shuttle that works similarly to a hop-on hop-off bus. It travels along the River Seine, stopping frequently at the city’s top attractions.

I got a glimpse of the Notre Dame Cathedral which was under renovation due to a fire a few years ago.

Mr Jean took me to the famous Louvre Palace, another historical building with mesmerising architecture.

This 13th century palace is now a national art museum showcasing art from famous and anonymous artists from different origins and era. This includes paintings such as the famous ‘Monalisa’ painting, sculptures, architectural elements and art objects.

We also visited the Hotel de Ville, which is currently the city hall of Paris and has been the headquarters of the municipality of Paris since 1357. There was a huge Olympic Ring display in front of the building since Paris will be hosting the summer Olympics next year.

Before heading back home, I made sure to get myself a decent haircut for a price of 12 euros (RM 60).



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