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Day 220 - Across Open Borders: A 12-Hour Scenic Ride from Paris,France to Innertkirchen,Switzerland

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Day 220 (09 Aug 2023) - Paris, France to Innertkirchen, Switzerland


DAY 220 (09 AUG 2023) - After a brief early morning ride to the Eiffel Tower in the city, I left Paris, France for a 12 hour ride to Innertkirchen, Switzerland.

It was a long but scenic ride, particularly after crossing the border to Switzerland and since it was summer, I was surrounded by amazing mountainous landscape and greenery!

Although it was an open border, I still had to get through customs checking. I was required to show proof of hotel booking and confirmation, as well as my international license, Malaysian license and passport to the customs officer. I also showed them my motorbike documents including the Carnet (view only).

I also purchased a vignette, which is a special sticker required for vehicles to use certain roads within Switzerland. The vignette cost me CHF 20 (RM 105) and the officer pasted the sticker on my windscreen before allowing me to cross the border. Since Switzerland is not a member of the European Union (EU), it has its own currency known as Swiss Franc (CHF).

I finally arrived at my hostel in beautiful Innertkirchen after a 12 hour (620 km) long ride! Innertkirchen is a village and municipality in Switzerland.

There were many log/wooden houses in the Swiss highlands, all skilfully built to suit the climate here, particularly to keep warm during winter.



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