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Day 424 - Unveiling Granada: Exploring Nicaragua's Colonial Gem

Updated: Mar 6

Day 424 (29 Feb 2024) - Managua, Nicaragua to Granada, Nicaragua


DAY 424 (29 FEB 2024) – After spending 2 nights in Managua, it was time for me to leave for my next destination. In the morning, I left Managua for a 1-hour (45 km) ride to the historic city of Granada.

I arrived at my stay, called “Hostel Casa Yoly”. The hotel staff generously allowed me to park my motorbike at the lobby / living room, inside the hostel building for safety purposes.

Founded in 1524, Granada is Nicaragua’s oldest city and also one of its most popular attractions. I visited the “Parque Central de Granada” (Central Park), situated in the heart of the city. The park overlooks the beautiful neoclassical “Cathedral of Granada”, that has existed since 1583. There were many street vendors selling delicious Nicaraguan street food.

I took a horse and carriage ride and spent the day exploring this fascinating city.

Granada has a rich colonial heritage, as seen in its architecture and structure. It is home to multiple Spanish colonial landmarks. I was fascinated by the many colourful historical buildings that line the cobblestone streets.

Granada is situated on the shores of one of its main attractions, Lake Nicaragua. Lake Nicaragua is a freshwater lake of tectonic origin, and is considered the largest lake Nicaragua as well as in Central America. It is believed to have formed a long time ago, as a result of volcanic eruption. It is the only freshwater lake containing oceanic animal life, including sharks, particularly bull sharks, swordfish and tarpon.



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