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Day 425 - San Juan del Sur: Embracing Coastal Charm in Nicaragua

Updated: Mar 6

Day 425 (01 Mar 2024) - Granada, Nicaragua to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua


DAY 425 (01 MAR 2024) – In the morning, I left Granada for a 2 hour ride (100 km) to San Juan Del Sur, my last destination in Nicaragua. During this journey, I had to travel off-road for about 30 kilometres.

As soon as I checked into my hostel, the receptionist handed me 2 return bus tickets worth USD 7 (RM 33). So I used the tickets and hopped on a “chicken bus” (or truck) that took me around the town.

San Juan Del Sur is a town located on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. Located near the Costa Rica border, and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, namely the Maderas Beach and the Marsella Beach.

Once a small fishing village, it has now become a well-known tourist destination, popular among beach goers, especially surfers. It is also popular among digital nomads who enjoy the cheap cost of living and great lifestyle that this coastal town offers. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and there is a vibrant nightlife with many bars and restaurants along the beaches, as well as the availability of fresh seafood.

Among the other attractions here are the Christ of Mercy statue that stands tall on a cliff above the bay, an ancient petroglyph situated near a creek on the outskirts of the town and the “La Flor Nature Reserve” where visitors can witness turtle breeding during turtle hatching season.

I stayed the night at a hostel called “Selina” at a price of USD 12 (RM 57) per night.



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