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Day 019 - 36 hour journey on ferry from Surabaya to Labuan Bajo!

DAY 019 (20 Jan 2023) - Surabaya to Labuan Bajo!

Day 019 (20 JAN 2023) – Currently, I am travelling on a ferry called ‘Niki SAE Surabaya’, on my way to Labuan Bajo. Should arrive at my destination tomorrow, 21st Jan 2023.

This huge ferry is 105 meters and travels at a speed of 14.5 knots/per hour. While the maximum occupancy it can carry is 250 passengers, there are currently 100 passengers on board including the crew, 13 big lorries, 7 small lorries, 7 motorbikes and 3 cars.

There are no single room cabins, but a common open area with cabin slots. There is a common bathroom and toilet that are kept clean.

Breakfast is provided early, lunch at 11.30 am and dinner at 4pm – I have my lunch at 1 pm and dinner at 6 pm, the Malaysian way! The food is not a problem with me as I like eating Malay food. There is also a small canteen available.

Whenever we were near island surroundings, I managed to get wifi connection using an Indonesian SIM card. However, for most parts, communication is off grid when at sea.

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