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Day 087 - Natural Salt & Beauty: My Visit to Lake Hart Salt Lake near Port Augusta

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Day 087 (29 Mar 2023) - Coober Pedy to Port Augusta, Australia


DAY 087 (29 MAR 2023) - As I departed Coober Pedy for Port Augusta in the morning, I had to wear a raincoat on top of my riding jacket since it was too cold at a temperature of 16.5 C.

At Glendambo, I stopped to fuel up and have lunch. Back in Coober Pedy, I had ‘tapau’ (take-away) some chicken curry with rice and ‘papadam’ from the indian restaurant nearby. Nothing like having rice and curry in the outback!

I was advised by many to be wary of hopping kangaroos crossing the road when riding. Sadly, I had only seen at least 50 carcasses of dead kangaroos lying on the road – many were hit by passing vehicles. Did not come across a single living kangaroo!

Later, I arrived at Port Augusta before dark after riding 588 km. On the way, I had stopped by the Lake Hart rest area and walked to the nearby lake to get a closer look at one of Australia’s many salt lakes. Apparently, when it rains it looks like an actual lake filled with water, but otherwise it is just a long stretch of white salt.



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