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Day 086 - Subterranean Experience: My Stay in an Underground Motel at Coober Pedy

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Day 086 (28 Mar 2023) - Alice Springs to Coober Pedy, Australia


DAY 086 (28 MAR 2023) – Early morning, left Alice Springs for Coober Pedy. The temperature was 20 C.

I reached Coober Pedy from Alice Springs before dark and checked into an underground motel called Radeka Downunder Underground Motel & Backpacker Inn. It cost AUD 35 per night (about RM 105).

While the town had an eerie, isolated feel to it, the accommodation was more interesting! - with its dungeon-like look and feel, it was enough for a one night -stay! Surprisingly, I found an Indian restaurant nearby and had some tasty Indian food.

Coober Pedy, was originally an opal mining town beginning in 1916. Since this town was once covered by an ocean, these opals were created from a combination of minerals from the ocean’s seabed mixed with earth.

As a result, there are many discarded opal mines that were turned into makeshift residential homes, hotels, stores and churches. In fact, much of the small population of residents here live underground to escape the heat, since there is very little rainfall in this town. Just like traditional homes, all modern amenities like water, electricity and internet, are available except direct sunlight.



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