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Day 112 - Discovering Japan's Scenic Charm: A Breathtaking 12-Hour Ride from Sendai to Aomori

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Day 112 (23 Apr 2023) - Sendai to Aomori, Japan


DAY 112 (23 APR 2023) – I left Sendai at 9 am for a 350 km journey to Aomori. From here, I’ll be taking a ferry to the northern island of Hokkaido.

I chose to ride the longer route just to experience the beautiful small-town landscapes of Japan. Little did I know, it would take me 12 hours to get to Aomori! There were many towns with so many traffic signals and the ride limit allowed was 50 km per hour!

Had I taken the highway road with a toll charge of 5900 yen (RM 190), I would have arrived in 4 hours! On top of that, it got colder as I was headed up North, with the temperature dropping from 7.5 C to 6 C. Nevertheless, with a good riding gear, it was a smooth ride all the way. The mountainous scenery was simply stunning!

I stopped halfway at a small town to re-fuel. I noticed people growing beautiful flowers in their gardens such as tulips – rare flowers that are difficult to grow in our hot climate back home!

They also keep logs in their house, to keep their homes warm in this cold climate.

Arrived at my accommodation ‘Smile’ hotel at 9 pm. The sun here rises at 4.30 am and sets about 6 pm.



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