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Day 123 - Cultural Connections: Fukuoka, the Sister City of Ipoh

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Day 123 (04 May 2023) - Fukuoka, Japan


DAY 123 (04 MAY 2023) – I arrived at Fukuoka last night. Since it was a public holiday and a long weekend on the occasion of ‘Vesak’, almost all the hotels and other accommodations were fully booked. The only place I could get was a hotel called ‘APA Hotel Hakataeki Chikushi Guchi’, so I stayed the night here at a price of RM720!

In the morning, I went to Hakata International Port Terminal to check out some info on ferry services to my next destination.

I sought the help of 2 kind policemen who guided me towards the office. Since it was a public holiday, the office was closed so I will be back in a few days to book a ticket. I did get to see some boats and ships at the port – took a picture with the fishing vessel known as ‘Toko Maru’.

Along the Kyushu highway, I was fascinated by the sight of a huge statue of ‘Kannon’, the goddess of compassion and mercy. It is situated in the vicinity of Naritasan Kurume Temple.

I did some sight-seeing around Fukuoka City before leaving for a 5 hour ride from Fukuoka to Satsumasendai in South Kyushu.



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