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Day 146 - Motorbike Servicing & Maintenance: Visiting BMW Service Centre & A Local Mechanic

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 146 (27 May 2023) - Vladivostok, Russia


DAY 146 (27 MAY 2023) – A few days ago, I found out that my GPS was unable to display Russian maps correctly, as they were not supported by the SD Card. So, I bought a local SIM Card and downloaded Russian Maps on my 2nd phone.

Today morning, I took my motorbike to the BMW service centre in Vladivostok, about 18 km from my hostel. The manager at the service centre reprogrammed my Navigator 6 GPS to include Russian maps. It only cost about 5500 RUB (RM 317) and my GPS worked accordingly!

I am thankful to him for helping me sort this out on a weekend even though the service centre was closed. He also introduced me to a motorbike mechanic shop called ‘Rider25’.

So, I headed to the ‘Rider25’ motorbike shop and got my 2 ‘Metzeler’ tyres changed since the old tyres had worn out. I also replaced the front and rear brake oils and purchased 4 litres of engine oil.

From my conversations with the bike shop owner, I got to know that he used to participate in bike racing at the Sepang Circuit a few years ago! Later, he didn’t charge me for the brake oil. I was happy with the service and workmanship and the charges were acceptable.



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