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Day 184 - A Biker in Need is a Friend Indeed: Help From a Fellow Biker On My Last Day in Russia

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 184 (04 July 2023) - St Petersburg, Russia


DAY 184 (04 JULY 2023) – In the morning, I headed to the insurance office to purchase a Green Card Insurance since I begin my Europe bike journey tomorrow. I will be heading to Finland tomorrow as the first European country of visit.

On the way, I met a fellow biker, Pavel. Pavel is 23 years old and works as a welder. He rides a Yamaha 400cc motorbike. He offered to guide me to the insurance office as he knew where it was, so I followed him on my motorbike.

At the office, I was surprised to know that the purchase of the Green Card was halted since a few days ago, on the 23rd of June 2023, due to issues between Russia and EU. We then headed to the Finland Embassy. I was relieved to know that the Green Card can be purchased at the Russian-Finland border and a Malaysian visa was not required.

Later, Pavel treated me to lunch at a unique bikers-themed restaurant. I am very grateful to Pavel for his help.

On my last day in Russia, I spent the evening walking around the city and reflecting on my memorable journey in this beautiful country!

Note : A Green Card Insurance is a compulsory requirement for any non-EU vehicles brought into Europe. However, it is only a Third Party Liability Insurance and does not cover any comprehensive or personal damages. It is valid in all EU countries only, and additionally in Iceland, Switzerland and Norway as well. There are 3 categories of validity time period as follows :

30 days – 70 EUR (RM 356)

60 days – 100 EUR (RM 508)

90 days – 140 EUR (RM 712)



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