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Day 149 - Nurturing Nature: We Planted a Pine Tree in Russia

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 149 (30 May 2023) - Blagoveshchensk, Russia


DAY 149 (30 MAY 2023) – Today, Mr Jima and Madam Tanya arranged for a mini tree planting activity. In a very short span of time, they managed to get a media crew to cover the event.

Mr Ruslan (in green shirt), a tv reporter and Mr Slava, a cameraman were from ‘Amur Regional TV’. They picked me up from the hotel and we headed together by car to a place called ‘Friendship Park’. Mr Jima chose to sponsor a small pine tree which he brought in his car.

It was a busy park but we managed to find a nice spot to plant the pine tree. We held our respective flags in solidarity and came together as different nationalities to raise awareness on the importance of planting a tree in an effort to save nature from the effects of global warming. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this effort.

Check out the Russian media coverage by Amur Regional TV below :

I had a pleasant 2 nights stay at Pushkin Mini Hotel. The hotel was clean, the food was good and the price was reasonable (RM 119 per night). I am thankful to Mr Jima and Madam Tanya for their kind hospitality and support.



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