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Day 153 - A Biker in Need is a Friend Indeed: An Unexpected Act of Kindness and Generosity

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 153 (o3 June 2023) - Chita to Ulan Ude, Russia


DAY 153 (03 JUNE 2023) – After spending 2 nights at Chita, I left for a 9 hour journey from Chita to Ulan Ude. On the way as I was approaching Ulan Ude, there was a small section near the highway with steps leading to the top of the hill.

I climbed all the way to the top and got a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape and the Selenge River nearby.

I arrived at my hostel soon after. I stayed in a capsule hostel called ‘Wellhome’ Hostel for R 950 (RM 54) per night.

A few days ago I met Mr Sergei, a fellow biker at a rest area on my way to Chita. We were supposed to meet in Chita itself where he said he would try to get me a set of weather-proof hand gloves.

Since he could not find the particular gloves in Chita, he decided to try to his luck in Ulan Ude, where I was headed to as well.

Today, we met up at the hostel. He came together with his wife on his motorbike. He handed me a brand new ‘Gore-Tex’ weather-proof hand gloves! I had previously checked the price on Amazon where it cost about RM 915.

I wanted to pay him but he refused to accept. As a fellow biker, he wanted to give it to me as a gift since I am travelling far on long journeys. He is happy that I visited Russia. I am very grateful for his kindness and generosity.



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