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Day 158 - A Biker in Need is a Friend Indeed: Helpful and Supportive Fellow Bikers in Mongolia

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 158 (o8 June 2023) - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


DAY 158 (08 JUNE 2023) – I arrived at Ulaanbaatar yesterday and stayed at Land Hotel. In the morning, while riding, I found out my motorbike back tyre shaft was leaking oil and I couldn’t get through to BMW service centre as I didn’t have the number.

I met a fellow biker, Mr Agi, who rides an Africa Twin 1200cc motorbike. I asked him where I could find the BMW service centre and he told me that there are only BMW sales centres here. He brought me to a bike mechanic shop and I managed to replace the oil seal and got my motorbike fixed for a price of MNT 380,000 (RM 500).

Later in the evening, I met Mr Agi and his friend Cuka, who treated us to dinner. Mr Cuka rides a Yamaha Tenere 660cc motorbike. We spent 2 hours chatting and I shared my experiences with them. From our conversations, I got to know that Mr Agi is a General Manager working at an alcohol beverage company known as APU Company. Next week, he will be riding to Europe for 2 months.

After dinner, Mr Agi took me to Sükhbaatar Square (Genghis Khan Square) which is just like our ‘Dataran Merdeka’ Square. There were many people around relaxing with their families. The weather at night was cold, at a temperature of 18 C.



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