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Day 157 - Appreciating Beautiful Mongolian Landscapes and Hospitality: My First Visit to a Ger

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 157 (o7 June 2023) - Altanbulag Border Post to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


DAY 157 (07 JUNE 2023) (continued) - I then headed for a 6 hour journey from Altanbulag to Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia (350 km). Navigation was not an issue as it was a straight highway all the way!

I have travelled through many different landscapes, but Mongolia has the best mountainous scenery till date!

As I was approaching Ulaanbaatar, I saw so many ‘Ger’ camps at the countryside along the highway, some of which are accommodation available for tourists. A ‘ger’ is a traditional Mongolian felt-covered roadhouse style structure with a wooden collapsible frame, making it suitable as a portable home for nomadic living. There is a window at the center-top of the ger, that serves as a natural air conditioner.

At one point, I stopped by at a Ger camp to check it out. There were 2 friendly ladies and a young boy. They invited me in and offered me the tradition tea called ‘Bor Tsai’. It tasted like chinese tea without sugar. She also gave me a cake called ‘boor’ which was really tasty. It was interesting to see that their Ger camp was solar-powered.

I continued my journey to Ulaanbaatar and arrived at Land Hotel by evening.



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