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Day 157 - Crossing Borders: Embarking on an Adventure in the Land of the Horse & Eternal Blue Sky

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 157 (o7 June 2023) - Khyagt, Russia to Altanbulag Border Post, Mongolia. Mongolia is my eight destination on this solo bike world tour.


DAY 157 (07 JUNE 2023) – I met a fellow biker at Hotel Eurasia in Khyagt, who also rides a BMW motorbike. He is a Mongolian but he works in Khyagt. He guided me on his bike to the Russia-Mongolia border at Altanbulag, just 2 km away. There was a long queue of mostly lorries at the border, but I got through quickly via the car lane.

I got through border checking and customs clearance without a hassle. They did the usual - checked my passport, belongings and motorbike documents on both, the Russian and Mongolian side of the border.

As I crossed the border, I managed to get a Mongolian SIM Card and a motorbike insurance for a month at a booth near the border! There was also a money changer at the same place and I got my currency changed there itself (RM1 = 762.51 Mongolian Tugrik)! I was all ready to ride around Mongolia without any hassle, all in just a few hours!

I made sure to fuel up before beginning my riding journey in Mongolia.



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