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Day 165 - Cabin By The Woods: Camping with Fellow Bikers & Meeting A Former Military Man

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 165 (15 June 2023) - Aktash to Ulagansky, Russia


DAY 165 (15 JUNE 2023) – I arrived in Aktash, Russia from Mongolia yesterday and stayed in a guest house together with a group of Russian biker friends.

After breakfast, we visited a mini museum, about 23 km away from our stay, near the Aktash village in Ulagansky. The museum is set up in a small cabin owned by Mr Valentin Mihaylovich, who is a former military commander.

Mr Valentin has an interesting collection of old items which are displayed in his mini museum. Among the items were old analog televisions, dial phones, harmonicas, books, an old computer, a piano and many others.

Next to the museum was a beautiful lake, and right next to the lake was what looks like a collection of soviet-era cars hanging in the air! These old cars were well-positioned on a platform and held firmly by tree barks. What an amazing display of art!

There was also a sidecar motorcycle, and Natasha and I couldn’t resist the chance to sit and take a picture!

We stayed at one of Mr Valentin’s guest house. We cooked our own food in the open using firewood. The cabins come with a own-built sauna which is a common facility considering the cold weather and winter season in Russia.

At night, we gathered at Mr Valentin’s house. There was no wi-fi and electricity, so we used a generator supply between 9 pm to 5 am. They used firewood for heating since the temperature at night was 9⁰C.

It was an interesting experience living in a cabin and camping in the woods, surrounded by nature, a beautiful lake and snow-covered mountains.



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