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Day 169 - Farewell & Thank You, Nikolai and Friends: Riding 6-Hours from Novokuznetsk to Novosibirsk

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 169 (19 June 2023) - Novokuznetsk to Novosibirsk, Russia


DAY 169 (19 JUNE 2023) – After breakfast, Nikolay and I headed to his store where my motorbike was parked for the last 2 days. He offered to wash the bike and refused to allow me to do it myself.

Before departing Novokuznetsk, I thanked Nikolay for his gracious company, kind hospitality and support in these few days. We hugged, said our goodbyes and wished each other well.

The last 5 days have been one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had since I began my riding journey in Russia. At the Mongolian border, I had met Natasha who later introduced me to her biker friends (Nikola, Nikita, Evgeniy and Logunoy). I ended up spending the last few days exploring the beautiful Altay Mountains with the group.

We camped together, travelled together, cooked our own food and had meals together. We had great conversations despite the language barrier. This is when technology comes in handy – Google Translator! There was laughter, singing and even dancing!

The group took great care of me and made me feel welcome. They hosted me as a guest and refused to let me pay for anything! I am very thankful for their generosity, hospitality and their gracious company and support.

I would also recommend anyone visiting Russia to never miss the Altai Mountains. The roads are paved and excellent for travellers, with many scenic views and interesting stops. There are many guest houses available at very reasonable prices. It’s definitely a perfect treat for bikers around the world!

Before leaving, Nikolay introduced me to 2 other bikers, who were also headed West, so the 3 of us rode together on our individual motorbikes. After about 150 km, we met up with Natasha again. The four of us had a brief chat before heading to our separate destinations.

On the way to Novosibirsk, I stopped by to check out a helicopter exhibition.

I arrived at my hostel after a 6 hour journey and hired a taxi to take me around the busy Siberian city for about 3 hours. I had dinner at a Vietnam restaurant and had some tasty Tom Yam soup with rice after a long time!



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