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Day 172 - Kindness of Strangers: An 8-Hour Journey from Ishim to the City of Yekaterinburg

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 172 (22 June 2023) - Ishim to Yekaterinburg, Russia


DAY 172 (22 JUNE 2023) – I left Ishim for an 8 hour ride (640 km) to Yekaterinburg. It rained slightly in the morning but the skies were clear for most parts of the journey. The temperature was a little warm compared to the last few days.

Much of the forest along this highway was also caught in last year's wildfires. There was a stretch of charred forests and burnt trees in several places. The trees had yellowish brown leaves, creating a picturesque landscape of its own.

When I arrived at the busy city of Yekaterinburg, I was having difficulty finding the location of my stay, the Sky Hostel.

As I asked around for some help, I met Maxim, an engineer who spoke good English. He guided me to the hostel, which was just 50 meters away from where I was!

Later in the evening, I went for a stroll around the city with 2 of my hostel mates. One of them is Slava, a mechanical engineer working in the oil and gas industry. He treated us to dinner. We had some good food and a good chat.

I stayed at the Sky Hostel at a cost of 450 rubles (RM 25) per night. My shared hostel room was interestingly called the USA room, and had a painting of the USA Flag on the wall!



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