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Day 200 - Cruising Across the Sea & On Road: Ferry From Denmark to Germany & Bike Ride to Berlin

Updated: Mar 3

Day 200 (20 July 2023) - Copenhagen, Denmark to Gedser, Denmark to Rostock, Germany to Berlin, Germany


DAY 200 (20 JULY 2023) – After covering a few routes in Denmark within 2 days, it was time to head to my next destination, Germany. Now that I have covered the Northern Region of Europe, I now continue my journey to the rest of Europe.

I left Copenhagen for a 2 hour ride to the ferry terminal in Gedser, the southernmost town in Denmark. It is also the southernmost point of Scandinavia and the Nordic countries, and an important port town on the Baltic Sea.

I took the ferry at a cost of DKK 638 (RM 435), for another 2 hour journey to Rostock, Germany.

I had a good rest on the ferry, before disembarking at Rostock. I then travelled by road for another 3 hour (200 km) journey to Berlin, the capital city of Germany.

It was a good 4-laned toll-less highway with many signboards and rest areas. The maximum speed on this highway was 130 km per hour and there were many cars speeding on the road, some exceeding the speed limit! Since I normally ride my motorbike within the set speed limit, this is the first time I travelled at a speed between 110-120 km per hour.

I arrived safely at my hostel known as 'Generator', after a long day's travel, via sea and road.



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