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Day 225 - Different Nationalities Bonded by a Common Language: Meeting Fellow Tamil(ians) Abroad

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Day 225 (14 Aug 2023) - Frankfurt to Eppelborn, Germany


DAY 225 (14 AUG 2023) – After breakfast, I sent my motorbike for servicing at a BMW authorised mechanic, not far from my hostel in Frankfurt. I will be entering Canada and the US within a few weeks, so I decided to get the motorbike thoroughly serviced since the US authorities will check through my service records.

I spent a total of 775 euros (RM3,590), which I thought was a reasonable price considering the work done :

a. Replaced both Michelin tyres with new ones (last change was done about 2 ½ months ago in Vladivostok, Russia).

b. Replaced 2 spark plugs with new ones (last change was done in Ipoh, Malaysia at 50 kilometres, the new ones were changed at 96 kilometres).

c. Replaced oil and filter even though only at 8,600 kilometres run.

d. Break pads were good since it was recently changed.

Since my old riding pants had worn out, I got myself a brand new one at the most reasonable price possible - 129 euros (RM 597)! A day of huge expenses, but it was all worth it as I continue my world tour.

A few days ago, while in Switzerland, Mr Ganesh Kumar introduced me to Mr Tharsan, a reporter for TRT Radio Channel who interviewed me over the phone. He invited me to his home, which was on the way to Luxembourg.

So after getting my motorbike serviced, I left for a 2 hour ride from Frankfurt to Eppelborn. At his home, I met another friend, Mr Steven and his 16 year old son. Mr Steven was the one that interviewed me for his tamil youtube channel a few days ago.

In the evening, Mr Tharsan’s sister, Madam Tharani and her husband prepared a delicious meal for dinner. There was Basmati rice with many tasty dishes including chicken curry, pickles, ‘appalam’, yogurt, ‘roti’ (bread), fried chilli and a few others. I had a complete indian meal after so long! I also met Madam Tharani’s son, who had just completed his university degree.

Later, I thanked Madam Tharani and her family for a wonderful dinner and their kind hospitality. I then headed straight to Luxembourg, which was a 1 ½ hour ride from Eppelborn. Since it was getting dark, Mr Tharsan, Mr Steven and his son followed me in their car to make sure I arrived safely at my destination.

After crossing the open borders to Luxembourg, we stopped at a petrol station not too far away. The petrol price at Luxembourg was much cheaper at a price of 1.632 euros per litre, compared to other European countries which was between 1.99 euros to 2.00 euros per litre.

Mr Steven offered to fill up a full tank for my motorbike and paid for the fuel and some drinks. He told me he wanted to contribute in a small way, in support of my objectives and efforts on spreading global warming awareness. I thanked Mr Steven and Mr Tharsan for their support and kind hospitality.

I arrived at my hostel at 11.40 pm, which was just 40 km from the petrol station. This was the first time that I travelled after dark in Europe. The roads were good and there were less vehicles.



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