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Day 201 - A Biker in Need is a Friend Indeed: An Unexpected Act of Kindness and Generosity

Updated: Mar 4

Day 201 (21 July 2023) - Berlin, Germany


DAY 201 (21 JULY 2023) – I stayed 2 nights in Berlin as I needed to service my motorbike. The last servicing was done on the 17th of June 2023 in Russia.

I called up 4 BMW Motorrad service centres in Berlin but unfortunately none of them could fit in a schedule for today. Instead they were giving me dates for August and September!

I met a fellow biker at a traffic light and asked him where I could go to service my motorbike. The gentleman’s name was Adrian and he was riding a Kawasaki 800cc motorbike.

We got to know each other and he took me to a motor workshop nearby. I got my engine oil and filter replaced for a reasonable price of 100 euros (RM 507). I am thankful for his help. Bikers anywhere in the world are always ready to help a fellow biker in need!

I couldn’t do much sight-seeing since my motorbike was getting serviced and it was raining the entire day. I stayed 2 nights at a 4-bed hostel for a price of 59 euros (RM 300) for both nights.



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